Diastasis Rectus Abdominus

Are you wondering why your abdomen has a bulge? Unhappy with the appearance of your abdominal wall? Worried that you might have an umbilical hernia (belly button) and need surgery? Are you noticing your belly button is spread apart more than it should be? Do you feel that you have a “mommy pooch” and don’t know how to get rid of it? You have found the right place to help you recover from this problem. We offer a systematic, progressive exercise rehabilitative program to help you close your diastasis recti!

A diastasis recti is a thinning, weakening and widening of the linea alba connective tissue that lies between the right and left rectus abdominis muscles causing ineffective load transfer capacity through your core muscles. You transfer loads from your legs, through your pelvis and into your abdomen and core when you walk, bend over to pick up your baby, climb stairs and shift your position to feed your baby. If you have a diastasis recti abdominis and your load transfer capacity is dysfunctional, you may experience not only the appearance of a poochy abdomen, even after you have lost your baby weight, but also problems with low back pain, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain, urinary incontinence and constipation. We know how to help you get your body back and heal this problem. We can guide you through a comprehensive program of therapy and exercises to be completed at home that helps facilitate the closure of your diastasis and improves your ability to load transfer effectively.

For years we have been helping men and women with diastasis recti recover from this condition. We follow current research, which seems to evolve and reveal more interesting components of a DRA each year! We attend professional conferences regarding DRA and how to best treat it. Having a DRA is so important to us and to your pelvic health concerns, we assess every single patient we see for a diastasis recti. It is a problem that greatly impacts your pelvic health, back pain, urinary control, bowel control and overall sense of looking good.

If you are pregnant and want to be proactive, to avoid developing a DRA early on in your pregnancy and to learn how to protect your abdominal wall as you lift and move, we are here to help you. If you are post-partum and want to recover your body to include restoring your abdominal wall integrity and your pelvic health, we are specialists in this area. If you are a man or woman who comes to us with a pelvic pain, back pain, abdominal pain or hip pain condition, we will assess you to determine if you have a DRA and, if you do, we will take you through a progressive rehabilitative program to help heal it. Knowing how to accurately assess whether a DRA is present and how to properly manage it to foster its rehabilitation is our expertise and is often missing in standard orthopedic treatments for musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain. If you have bowel or bladder conditions such as constipation or urinary incontinence, as DRA may be a contributing factor.

When you choose Purple Mountain Physical Therapy you are choosing pelvic health experts who treat you comprehensively and holistically. We are here to help you and are privileged to be in your corner through your journey to looking and feeling your best!