How Do You Know if You Need Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Let’s clear up the mystery of knowing if you need pelvic floor physical therapy! Quite often here is limited understanding of what the pelvic floor muscles do and whether these muscles might be a problem.   The pelvic floor muscles are located inside the bones of your pelvis and sit like a hammock inside you.  On […]

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Vulvar Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction go together.

Vulvar pain, vulvodynia

If you have Persistent Vulvar Pain or Vulvodynia and are looking for an experienced pelvic health physical therapist to help you, you’ve found the right place. Vulvar pain is a challenging and frustrating condition to experience.  We treat women who come to us after suffering with vulvar pain for prolonged periods.  By the time a […]

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How Do You Feel About Your Postpartum Recovery? Would Pelvic PT help you?

Love your Pregnant and Postpartum Body

Being Pregnant and Postpartum can be an Overwhelming Experience and Definitely Changes Our Body! Pelvic Floor PT is a Key Component of Your Postpartum Recovery. Each of us will experience our unique emotional reactions to the changes in our body!  You don’t have to know all the answers.  Expert help from a pelvic floor PT […]

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Oh no, I am having stress incontinence! What natural treatments can I do?

Stress incontinence treatment

Stress Incontinence: Natural and conservative treatment options to improve your urinary control! We often work with women and men who experience stress urinary incontinence and are looking for natural treatments, rather than medications or surgery.  The age, backgrounds and lifestyle of these patients vary wildly and, no, not everyone is experiencing the urinary leakage because […]

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SI Joint Treatment in Grand Rapids

SI Joint Treatment

Do You Need Expert SI Joint Treatment in Grand Rapids?  Are you looking for more than run-of-the-mill care that doesn’t work? We offer comprehensive SI joint treatment right here in Grand Rapids, so you can finally feel better again. We offer expert care to evaluate and treat your SI joint and pelvic condition. At Purple […]

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Get Your Annual Pelvic Floor Wellness Checkup!

Annual pelvic floor wellness checkup

Would I benefit from an Annual Pelvic Floor Wellness Checkup?  Calling all women and men! It is common for our pelvic floor muscles to not be working correctly (pelvic floor dysfunction). An annual pelvic floor wellness checkup will screen you for this issue. Do you wonder if your spine, hip and pelvic joints and muscles […]

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Pelvic Floor Specialist in GR

Pelvic floor specialty care

Looking for a Pelvic Floor Specialist in GR?  You’ve found the right place! You deserve to receive your care from an experienced pelvic floor specialist who can help you get the best results.  When an individual has pelvic problems, we understand your apprehension and concerns with finding someone who can help you.  Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, […]

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Endometriosis Physical Therapy Treatment in Grand Rapids

Endometriosis PT Treatment

If you have endometriosis and want to reduce your pain naturally, we are here to help you. We offer expert, compassionate and proven endometriosis physical therapy treatment right here in Grand Rapids. Endometriosis is Painful! And our physical therapy can help reduce your pain! We understand that you are in pain.  What may have started […]

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