Physical Therapy Can Stop Bedwetting!

pediatric bladder physical therapy

Did you know that physical therapy can stop your child’s bedwetting? We are expert bladder and bowel pelvic physical therapists right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we can help you and your child stop bedwetting. At Purple Mountain Physical Therapy, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we specialize in pelvic health physical therapy and this […]

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Bladder Physical Therapy Near Grand Rapids

Bladder Physical Therapy

If you are looking for Bladder Physical Therapy near Grand Rapids and would like the best care available, you have found the right place. Our patients travel from all over Michigan and surrounding states to receive their treatment with us because we have been doing this for years and our comprehensive and advanced treatment methods […]

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Overactive Bladder in Grand Rapids

Pelvic Floor PT for Overactive Bladder

If You Think You Have A Small Bladder and You are Always Going to the Bathroom More Often than Every 2-4 Hours, You may Benefit from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Overactive Bladder.  We are Right Here in Grand Rapids and We Specialize in this Condition! Individuals who have overactive bladder may be urinating as […]

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Pelvic PT for Testicular Pain (Orchialgia) in Grand Rapids

Chronic Testicular Pain Treatment

Are You Feeling Frustrated by Ongoing Testicular Pain?  Have You Seen Your Physician Providers and Found They Are Unable to Resolve Your Pain?  Well, Pelvic PT for Testicular Pain (orchialgia) is Your Next Best Step Towards Feeling Better. First, let’s get our terminology down. Orchialgia is the medical term for testicular pain and is defined […]

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What To Expect With Your Pelvic PT Evaluation

What to expect with your pelvic PT evaluation

Feeling Nervous or Uncertain about What to Expect with Your Pelvic PT Evaluation?  Read on and we’ll give you all the details! At Purple Mountain Physical Therapy, here in Grand Rapids, we provide excellence in clinical treatment for ALL pelvic problems.  Pelvic health has been our laser focus for years.  As a result, we know […]

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5 Tips To Ease Pelvic Pain that Won’t Go Away!

Treatment Room and Dr. O'Keefe

If Your Pelvic Pain Won’t Quit, Read on for 5 Tips to Help! Here at Purple Mountain PT we have a heart for anyone who is experiencing pelvic pain that just won’t quit.  We understand the despair you feel and the lack of answers when you go from provider to provider.   Our Doctors of Physical […]

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Pelvic Floor PT in Grand Rapids!

Purple Mountain PT Waiting Room

You Have Found The Best Pelvic Floor PTs in Grand Rapids! Here at Purple Mountain Physical Therapy we offer advanced and expert pelvic floor PT in Grand Rapids for women, men and children.  We understand that when you have a pelvic problem you don’t know where to go to receive your care and you want […]

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Pediatric Bladder Physical Therapist Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

pediatric bladder physical therapy

You Have Found The Top Pediatric Bladder Physical Therapist in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Pediatric bladder physical therapy is a specialty within the field of PT that helps kiddos learn how to control their bladder & bowels. Many parents ask us what is pediatric bladder physical therapy?  Well, most moms have some awareness of pelvic floor […]

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How Do You Know if You Need Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Let’s clear up the mystery of knowing if you need pelvic floor physical therapy! Quite often here is limited understanding of what the pelvic floor muscles do and whether these muscles might be a problem.   The pelvic floor muscles are located inside the bones of your pelvis and sit like a hammock inside you.  On […]

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