Maureen O’Keefe is an expert in her field of pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapy.  I have seen her grow professionally for over 20 years.  She is continually challenging herself to stay clinically current, follow best practices, specialize in her passion, and pursue her Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has the compassion and understanding it takes to work with clients who have often been to many professionals prior to seeing her and are understandably frustrated from not getting results.  Because of her skills and knowledge of the trauma her clients have experienced, she makes them feel comfortable and heard, and helps them to achieve life-changing healing.  She is devoted to providing effective, ethical, and expert care to her clients.  Her more than 20 years of experience provides you with expertise that is difficult to find.  She is an energetic, intelligent, and intuitive person who won’t stop until your problem is solved.  She exhibits a strong, ethical character and you can trust your health condition in her compassionate and experienced hands.  If you have been fortunate to be referred to Maureen, do not hesitate, but jump at the chance to meet her and see how she can work with you on your journey to health.  You’ll consider yourself blessed to have her on your team, just like her other clients, who still keep in touch to tell her of their continued successes, many years after receiving her treatment.   Maureen’s experience, no-nonsense, calming nature, and infectious sense of humor will leave you walking away with renewed joy, strength, and confidence that you can tackle any current or future musculoskeletal challenges that come in your path!  Sue Soha, MPT, Pediatric NDT certified, NAHRA Certified, specializing in the treatment of Pediatric Neurodevelopmental and sensory disorders utilizing
Hippotherapy, Aquatic Therapy, and Myofascial Release
Y Maureen is not only a highly experienced and passionate women’s health physical therapist, but an enthusiastic proponent of treating the whole person, taking into account emotional well being as well.  In the 20 plus years that I’ve known her, she has continually pursued higher learning in many areas that make her an exceptional therapist and creative problem solver.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any and all family and friends for treatment or consultation!
 Kelly Zazeckis, MPT
Early Intervention, 
Rochester Community Schools
Knowledge and expertise in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions were the main reasons I went to Maureen O’Keefe for my pain and issues.  They were not the only reasons though.  Her care and concern along with positive attitude made my visits to her much more pleasant than I would ever imagine PT for pelvic floor could ever be.  She has the ability to teach what you need to know to help relieve your own pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits to enhance a healthy body along with the treatment she felt necessary…And make it a very pleasant experience!   Her keen sense of humor helps an otherwise uncomfortable situation become pleasant. When Maureen moved away from Illinois, I was very disappointed. This was unfortunate for me, but very beneficial to anyone in her area now. Female, Dyspareunia (painful sex), pelvic floor dysfunction, lichens sclerosis, IBS, low back pain.
Pelvic pain has only begun receiving attention in the last 20 years. Before then, many medical professionals considered it more of a psychological than physical syndrome that impacted primarily irrational women, if not ignored it all together. The very few doctors and physical therapists who treated the condition focused mainly on treating females. For a man, the available options were even more limited for relief. 

I first met Maureen after a lifting injury when I was 30 years old which led to a rare, complex and little understood pelvic injury. I had spent months going to different doctors without a clear diagnosis or effective course of treatment. I was desperate for relief and in debilitating chronic pelvic pain 24 hours a day. 

Maureen immediately recognized the desperate situation I was in and what course of treatment I required. I was initially treated with a blend of myofascial release, trigger point release and manual therapy from Maureen while collaborating with a local doctor to receive trigger point injections. Part of the physical therapy treatment required internal physical therapy, which for a man could be an emasculating experience. Thankfully, Maureen’s professionalism, positivity and compassion made what could be an embarrassing ordeal seem like no big deal.  I could feel that physical therapy was helping me and I got to a point where I no longer had continuous pain and didn’t need other physicians to provide injections. The physical therapy helped me enough that I was treated with physical therapy exclusively, and I needed appointments on a declining basis. 

Pelvic pain can be some of the most complicated, and difficult pain to treat involving muscles, fascia, nerves and organs. However, most physical therapists only have very limited amounts of training and experience in treating pelvic pain. Maureen is the rare exception to this rule, knowing how to treat both pelvic pain and a man who has pelvic pain. She has been specializing and treating pelvic pain almost exclusively for the last 20 years and is one of the true experts in treating pelvic conditions. I highly recommend her. Male, Pudendal nerve entrapment/Pudendal neuralgia, Chronic pelvic pain
For twenty-five years or so, I was treated for severe pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, and genital area by several urologists. The diagnosis was always “prostatitis,” and the treatment was usually antibiotics, although the drugs yielded little improvement. As time went on, and my pain and anxiety levels increased, my overall health and quality of life worsened.
After consulting with my gastroenterologist about my worsening pain, he referred me to the Urology Department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. After one appointment with Dr. Schaffer, Head of Urology, I was diagnosed with male chronic pelvic floor disorder, and he recommended a specialized type of physical therapy. Upon his recommendation, I found the needed specialized therapy in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, and this is when my life began to finally change for the better.
For this specialized therapy, I was fortunate to become a patient of Maureen O’Keefe, PT, DPT. She conducted a thorough evaluation of my symptoms and pain level and developed a treatment plan to deal with my chronic pelvic floor issues and pain. Due to the regimen of rigorous physical therapy sessions and home exercises that she developed and implemented, the pain and stress levels started to decrease and ultimately retreated. Today, I no longer have the nagging pelvic pain that so negatively affected my health and overall quality of life, thanks to the expertise and dedication of Maureen O’Keefe.
I must admit that, as a male, I was somewhat hesitant to have physical therapy on the pelvic area, but I am now so pleased and thankful that I had the service with Maureen. I found Dr. O’Keefe to be a highly competent, intelligent, and extremely caring professional, and I would recommend her services to any man (or woman) suffering from pain in the pelvic area. Male-Chronic Prostatitis, pelvic pain
When I first spoke on the phone with Maureen to inquire about flying from New Orleans to seek physical therapy from her, she said, “I’ll just need to put my hands on you, and I’ll know what to do.” At that time, I had been living with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for a year and a half, and none of the 50+ doctors or PTs I’d seen ever sounded as confident as Maureen. I repeated that sentence in my head many times as my husband and I made travel arrangements to spend 5 days in a row of two-hour sessions with her. Her words became reality when, from the moment Maureen first put her hands on me, I knew I was in the right place.
My week with Maureen was the most encouraging, beneficial and life-changing time I’ve spent since my PFD began. Along with being kind and understanding, she is also incredibly knowledgeable, and has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding the human body. Unlike the other physical therapists who’ve treated my PFD, Maureen uses her training and intuition to treat PFD with a whole body approach.
I returned home feeling the direct positive benefits of Maureen’s physical therapy; with a better understanding of PFD and my body; and most importantly, a belief that I don’t have to just manage my pain: I can recover. In order to do so, I also returned with a significant list of brand new tasks and tools that I have slowly but successfully incorporated into my life. Maureen’s confidence that my body and soul will continue to feel better has given me newfound strength and patience to practice my new regimen as I heal. Female-Diagnosis:  Chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis
I came to Maureen with severe pelvic pain. I could barely sit, walk, or even wear pants without being in severe discomfort. Pelvic floor problems can be a sensitive medical issue for many people that often go untreated due to shame or embarrassment. Her understanding, care, compassion and wonderful bedside manner put me at ease from the first day of treatment. She is knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest cutting-edge treatment and trends in pelvic floor health, which allows her to provide outstanding care to her patients. I highly recommend Maureen for care. Female- pelvic pain
You are amazing! All your help the last months means a lot to me. You motivate me and inspire me. You are an angel who helped me out. Thank you! Female: neurogenic bladder, pelvic pain, abdominal scar pain, painful sex, pelvic, core and lower extremity weakness, pelvic nerve injuries.
Maureen is one of the best Physical Therapists I have come across in the profession. She is the most curious therapist I have known and is an expert at treating her patients with compassion. I am amazed by her energy, passion, and dedication to excellence, yet she exemplifies much humility. Female, post-partum pelvic floor dysfunction
Maureen O’Keefe is a leader in the field of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (PFMD). She has presented at international conferences in the field of PFMD. Any patient of Maureen’s is blessed to be under her care with her depth of knowledge and compassion. Debbie Callif, OT, BCB-PMD International Pelvic Pain Society advisory board member; Former board member Biofeedback Certification International Alliance Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction
Maureen is one of the best pelvic floor physical therapist with whom I have ever worked. Her knowledge and skill about pelvic floor, core, and upper and lower limb neuromuscular and connective tissue disorders is amazing….. I have not had a patient whom she could not help! And her enthusiastic, generous personality are a major bonus. Dr. Kimberly Kenton, MD Professor & Chief Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
I worked closely with Maureen and referred her many of my pelvic pain patients. She is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, successful and collaborative. She is an invaluable asset for any practice who has excellent success with patients while a wide variety of needs. Dr. Diana Atashroo, MD Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and pelvic pain
Maureen has Tremendous experience helping patients with pelvic pain. Great compassionate touch! Dr. Frank Tu Vice chair, quality, NorthShore Health & Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Chicago.
Maureen and I first worked together 17 years ago. Our personal lives took us down different paths, however we remained in touch over the years and Maureen has become a mentor to me. She is constantly reading research, collaborating with other professionals, taking continuing education classes and attending conferences. I always tease that Maureen knows everything because it does not seem to matter what I am stumped on, Maureen always has an answer. As a patient it can be hard to know who to see. I cannot recommend Maureen enough! It takes years and years of experience and practice to truly become an expert and that is what Maureen is! Renee Spinella, PT, DPT specializing in McKenzie treatment and Pelvic health care
It has been so hard for me (ok, impossible) for me to talk about this issue for several reasons, but I could tell you really understood how difficult and frustrating this can be. I guess sometimes God or fate or whatever just puts people in and out of your life at the right time- and I’m just so glad we met. Female -unexplained infertility
Had a great time (on vacation out of the country)- the bowel and bladder cooperated and did everything we wanted to do without incident 😊 Female -neurogenic bowel and bladder
Thankfully I didn’t have a flare up after (my second child) was born, but I keep your number on hand just in case! Female, chronic pelvic pain
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and treatment! I feel great still and I thank God everyday for meeting you! It really changed my life and I don’t have pain! I can’t thank you enough! May God bless you and your family! Female, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain
Thanks for making me feel better. Please know that I carry you always in my heart. I miss you! Female, chronic pelvic pain
2015 was a painfree year! Male, chronic pelvic pain
Thank you so much in helping me feel normal again! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for your healing hands. The pain is nearly gone with only a few rare days of any discomfort! You are truly an angel and a gift from God! Female- endometriosis; chronic pelvic pain
Thank you for all you do! Nobody does it better & with such fun! -Female dyspareunia, lichen sclerosus, pelvic pain
I am grateful for the support you have given me both physically and emotionally to make me feel “whole” again. -Female, pelvic floor dysfunction
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful sincere & caring person you are. May God Bless You!! I miss your magical hands 😊 Female -chronic pelvic pain, overactive bladder