Dry Needling

Purple Mountain PT offers you dry needling to help you resolve your pelvic problem and myofascial pain through the release or inactivation of trigger points. In particular dry needling can be effective at relieving pain, reducing muscle tension and improving range of motion. When you have a trigger point, there is dysfunction in the area where the nerve transmits its impulse to the muscle, called the motor end point. Research indicates that dry needling can help normalize dysfunctions of the motor end plates and potentially reduce your pain and speed up your rehabilitation. We have advanced education in dry needling, to include treatment in the pelvic floor, through Andrews University and Kinetacore to offer you this level of treatment for your trigger points.  Contact us here to learn more.

Dry needling is a minimally invasive rehabilitative procedure using sterile, single use filiform needles to treat a myofascial trigger point, muscular and connective tissues. Why is it called “dry needling”? Because the needle is thin and dry, there is not medicine in it. This is an extremely small needle designed to treat myofascial trigger points. Dry needling is not a new therapy, as it has been used to treat myofascial trigger points since about 1980, following the suspicion that the effect of injections on trigger points were primarily caused by the stimulation from the metal needle. Since 1980 the techniques and research about dry needling have continued to advance and based on our interest to provide our patients with the most effective treatments available for their pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, we completed our advanced training for certification in dry needling years ago. Dry needling can provide pain relief and significantly improve function, even in people who have been suffering for years. Our training has a strong emphasis on safety and precaution and our patients have told us that the addition of the dry needles has improved their results. We have had patients transfer to our care, seeking out this specific treatment modality. We are proud to offer this to you and have years of experience using dry needling to rehabilitate patient’s trigger points. We are doctors of physical therapy, specializing in pelvic health rehabilitation and we offer you all the physical measures, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitative services, including dry needling, that you need to recover from your problem.  If you would like to learn more about our expert care, you may contact us here or call (616) 516-4334.