Dr. O’Keefe can speak to your group, either in person or virtual, to discuss postpartum health!

We recognize that the fourth trimester, meaning the first 3 months after giving birth, is a period where a woman should be receiving ongoing support, education and instruction in what to expect with her body and how to promote healing. The first year after giving birth your body continues to undergo many changes and many women aren’t sure about the right things to do. We’ve worked with many mothers, some whose children are already beyond college age, who have expressed to us “I wish I had known this when I gave birth.” Curious about what Maureen can speak about? She has a range of topics and questions that can be answered! These could include:

  • How can I get rid of my mommy pooch? Why do I still look pregnant?
  • The postpartum pelvic floor, what happened down there and how you can learn to find your muscles again!
  • Are there exercises I should do during the fourth trimester? Are there any I should avoid?
  • Where are my pelvic floor muscles and what happened to them during labor and delivery?
  • Why does everything feel stretched out and what can I do about it?
  • How to prevent and resolve urinary incontinence.
  • The importance of gut health and regularity for overall wellbeing, including how to protect your pelvic floor.
  • My C-section or episiotomy scar hurt, is this normal? Should I be doing something to take care of it?
  • I’m leaking urine just getting out of a chair! Help! All things related to maintaining or improving urinary continence.
  • Postpartum suggestions to avoid neck and back pain when feeding your baby and taking care of your household.
  • Returning to intimacy and dealing with fear, dryness, pain and low libido.
  • I’m exhausted, any suggestions?
  • My tailbone is killing me! What’s going on with it?
  • I’m so out of shape, I don’t know what the best place is to begin exercising!
  • I’m a runner and am eager to get back to running. What are some things I should do before hitting the pavement again?
  • Lifting and carrying my baby hurt me, are there any suggestions?
  • I’ve given up and put fitness on the back-burner, it’s just not feasible. Any suggestions?

We also speak about midlife and menopause! Do you have a group that would be interested in learning more about how to support your body through midlife and menopause? Reach out to us and let’s see what might meet your group’s needs!

Beyond knowing that hot flashes are a possibility during midlife and menopause, many women find themselves not very well-versed in what to expect with their changing body as they traverse through perimenopause and menopause. The unique needs of a women in menopause are something that Dr. O’Keefe can present to your group. Things such as:

  • How should my fitness routine change when in perimenopause or menopause?
  • Why am I tired?
  • What happened to my sleep and what can be done about it?
  • How in the world did I hurt myself? I didn’t do a thing and now I’m hurting? Why does it seem like I can easily get tendinitis or other pains?
  • What’s the best way for me to maintain my bone health? Are there things I should avoid if I want strong bones?
  • Why do I have brain fog and what can be done for it?
  • No one told me sex could hurt! What’s going on and where did my sex life go? How to get back on track with intimacy.
  • Where did those ten pounds come from and how can I shed them?
  • Why am I peeing all the time, what happened to my bladder control?
  • What’s going on with my husband? He’s in the bathroom all the time, complains about peeing and I wonder if he has prostate problems. Can anything be done about it?

Give us a call or email and let’s start the conversation for how to meet your group’s needs! The above list is a starting point of potential topics. Dr. O’Keefe can also speak about menopause related body changes, fitness during perimenopause and menopause, bone health, your husband’s prostate and pelvic health, endometriosis, managing chronic pain, interstitial cystitis and more. We can be contacted at or (616) 516-4334