As a pelvic health physical therapist with advanced training and experience working with many women prior to, during and following pregnancy Dr. O’Keefe can give your group a glimpse into what to expect during your pregnancy! She treats pregnant women and has many pearls of knowledge to share! Some of the many answers and topics she can present to your group include:

  • What exercises are safe during my pregnancy?
  • Where’s my pelvic floor? Am I doing Kegels right?
  • What do I need to know to get my pelvic floor ready for my delivery?
  • How can I prepare for my labor and delivery?
  • I’ve had back pain before, I don’t want to go through that again, what can I do during this pregnancy so it doesn’t happen again?
  • Best body mechanics during your pregnancy to avoid straining your hips, back and body
  • Is a mommy’s pooch (diastasis rectus abdominis) inevitable? How can I prevent it? What can I do about it if I have one?
  • Don’t make me laugh! …I might wet myself. How to prevent and treat stress urinary incontinence and all things related to bladder health.
  • How to foster intimacy during pregnancy, what’s safe and comfortable?
  • This time around has got to be better! Information to help women who previously had a baby and who are pregnant prepare and plan for a better pregnancy and birthing experience.
  • Nobody told me about the constipation I’d have in pregnancy. What’s the deal?
  • How much weight should I gain and what can I do to optimize my weight for a safe and healthy baby and mom?

If you would like to have Dr. O’Keefe come speak to your group or to host a virtual meeting with your group please reach out to or call us at (616) 516-4334.

Not sure what your group might want to hear about? No problem. Tell us about your group and we can give you topics that may be of interest. She has many additional topics that might be of interest, such as endometriosis, painful intercourse, your menstrual cycle, bone health, heart rate variability and more. Spreading the word about pelvic health is a passion for Maureen and she’d be honored to meet your group and advance knowledge and the conversation regarding our pelvic health.