We’re Hiring a PT! Best Job Around!

Our team of physical therapists is growing and we have an incredible opportunity for a physical therapist!  Because our model is unique, this is truly a position that is different than anything else you will find.  A rare opportunity, we suggest you don’t hesitate!  You can apply here.

Position: Physical Therapist, Full-time or Part-time.

Are you tired of seeing 10 or more patients per day?

Do you wish you had more time to spend with your patients?

Are you frustrated by paperwork and tired of dealing with insurance?

Are you feeling burn out – after working so hard to obtain your degree?

Are you a PT without any valuable mentoring to truly support your growth?

Are you wondering if this career is sustainable? 

If all of the above negatives about our PT career speak to you, then you are a PT we want to talk to.  We are here to serve patients with the absolute highest experience and to provide our PTs a place to thrive and be truly fulfilled.

Intrigued?  Click here to take the first step to talk to us!  

We are a pelvic health and TMJ specialty clinic located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we have created the clinic environment and career opportunity that is what you dreamed about when you became a PT.  This PT opportunity is how all PTs should be practicing, but unfortunately there are systems and problems within the healthcare landscape and physical therapy profession that are diminishing career satisfaction for us PTs.  This opportunity changes the narrative of your career and gives you extraordinary job satisfaction!

If you’d like to begin the conversation with us, click here.  

Are you truly passionate about physical therapy and making a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to work within a team of devoted pelvic & TMJ PTs who will support you, in a setting established with your well-being in mind so you can grow your skills while treating patients with the highest quality care they have ever received?

This is truly a unique opportunity for a physical therapist that is entirely different than all the franchise, outpatient ortho, private equity owned, physician owned or hospital-based clinics.  We are PT clinician-owned and operated.  Everything we do points towards what is right and best for the patient, while maintaining what is necessary for PTs to love your work & deliver excellent care.   If you are interested in starting the conversation about this opportunity, click here.  

About Our Practice:

Purple Mountain Physical Therapy is a specialty pelvic health & TMJ clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Our founder has more than two decades experience working in our field, treating patients, running a practice, mentoring other PTs and creating a clinic where PTs can thrive and patients receive the highest service and excellence in care.  Here you will not have frustrating paperwork.  Gone are the pre-authorizations that limit care based upon insurance rules.  Instead, what you have is truly patient-centered care, in a calm and uplifting environment.  We PTs must be healthy, in mind, body and spirit, in order to participate in the treatment of others.  How can we do that if we are burned out, frustrated, being told what we can do based upon insurance rules, not seeing our patients consistently because of scheduling issues in our clinic?  This job opportunity provides you the schedule and time to serve patients meaningfully so that you can do this work for years to come.

If  you would like more information about this opportunity, Click here to take the first step to talk to us!  

About our Physical Therapists and Your Role:

We are hiring a full-time Physical Therapist to work in our clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will consider part-time candidates committed to this field.  Our current team is growing and consists of experienced and devoted pelvic health & TMJ PTs who have advanced training in pelvic health, TM disorders, spine care and also a background in general orthopedics.  Our patient-centered practice focuses on delivering truly meaningful results for patients.  We use therapeutic rehabilitation principles that are customized to each patient’s needs and goals and can combine prevention, wellness, strength & conditioning, manual therapies, neural calming, whole body treatment, corrective exercises, pelvic floor rehabilitation, chronic pain recovery, pregnancy & postpartum care and more.  We serve adults and children who have pelvic, spine or TMJ conditions.

The next PT to join our team must love to serve patients and be committed to excellence in clinical skills.  Backgrounds or experience in pediatrics, neuro, ortho. spine or chronic pain can be strong candidates.  Demonstrated interest in pelvic health and manual therapy preferred.  We don’t expect you to come to us knowing everything about pelvic health and TMJ treatment; we are here to support you to succeed!  You must be excited to learn and grow to provide the highest quality of care to patients while also being a wonderful and responsive team member, helping grow our mission.  We will teach you the advanced methods and treatments that we offer.  We also provide ongoing mentoring and support to ensure you succeed.   Our PTs must be great team players, have an ability to change as our practice grows and evolves, so that we best meet the needs of our patients.  If this opportunity sounds intriguing, and it should, start the conversation here!

Make no mistake, this is not a typical job posting for a PT. So, if you are interested in joining an incredible team and clinic, this is your chance.  What do you have to lose to start a conversation with us?  Nothing!  It’s worth a conversation to learn how this opportunity may improve your quality of life.  Click here to take the first step!

Do you have these attributes?

  • A commitment to excellence in your clinical skills. You don’t have to know it all today, we will mentor you.  But you must not be stagnant.
  • Strong communication skills so patients feel heard and cared for and understand what you are doing, why this treatment is important and how it ties into their goals.
  • A positive attitude and desire to support the team and the patient.
  • The ability to connect with patients on a personal level, honoring where they are at in life, without judgment, and helping them experience a therapeutic appointment that truly heals.
  • You love to learn. You are always interested in the next webinar, the latest huddle, research findings, attending continuing education and advancing your skills.
  • PTs we know you need the time to treat your patients and you need mentorship.  We offer you both!  Click here to learn more!

To Be Successful In This Position You Must:

  • Be licensed or eligible to obtain your Michigan Physical Therapy license
  • Be interested in learning advanced clinical practice methods from seasoned, successful PTs who will support you and help your patients truly get better.
  • Be passionate about physical therapy, especially the fields of pelvic health, spine care or TM disorders.
  • Be interested in serving patients in an environment that is free from the constraints of insurance-based limitations. This is a different model.  We will help you succeed; you must be ready to modify your approach.
  • Provide an exceptional experience for every patient.
  • Contribute to and participate in clinic initiatives that serve our community and speak to our mission.
  • Be organized and maintain documentation (that won’t be frustrating!) in a timely manner.
  • Be upbeat, friendly and positive. You will feel this when you meet us and we expect you to be a positive addition to this environment.
  • Be open and dedicated to personal and professional growth. Mentoring and training is an important part of what this position provides.
  • Be interested in offering world class service and care. We will mentor you and have created a clinic where you can truly serve patients, you must be excited to offer excellence for every patient.
  • PTs, I believe in our profession and your ability to be amazing for your patients.  I’ll help you get there, through mentorship, giving you the time and practice setting to succeed.  If you are curious to talk more about this, reach out to us here.

Think you’re a good fit? If so, we’d love to talk to you.  You can click here to apply for this position and take the next step in our pre-interview process. We look forward to getting to know you!


Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT

Founder of Purple Mountain PT.  Clinician for more than 2 decades.  Loving clinical care because I’ve created a place in which PTs can thrive.  Let’s rise together, PTs, there is a better way!

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