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How to Help Bladder Leaks

Mom experienced bladder leak while holding baby. Mom is surprised, doesn't look happy

If You Are Looking For Help With Bladder Leaks, We Have Tips! There’s nothing more frustrating than enjoying yourself and trying to get things accomplished during your day and then having to deal with uncomfortable bladder leakage.  If you are wondering how to help your bladder leakage, our PTs specialize in helping women, men and […]

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Does Physical Therapy Help Endometriosis?

image of manual therapy by a physical therapist working on a woman's abdome, treating Endometriosis, with blog title, Does Physical Therapy Help Endometriosis Pain? written and answer Yes, we can help you feel less pain!

If you have pain from endometriosis and are wondering if physical therapy helps endometriosis, the answer is yes! Read on to learn how we can help your endometriosis pain! We are Purple Mountain Physical Therapy, a specialty pelvic health and TMJ disorder pain clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our licensed physical therapists have advanced training […]

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Tips to Fix Incontinence Naturally

Blog image, tips to improve urinary incontinence. Image Maureen O'Keefe doing exercise on laying on the floor with legs lifted wide, feet up on the wall. For Tips to Improve Urinary Incontinence

Author| Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT pelvic health physical therapist specializing in treating adults with urinary incontinence. What can I do at home to improve urinary incontinence? Some tips for you to help fix your incontinence naturally. Our physical therapists provide every patient extensive education and self care training to help their urinary incontinence. Here we […]

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Is There A Connection Between Diabetes and Incontinence?

Woman in physical therapy, seated on an exercise ball, looking at the physical therapist who is helping posture and core strength as a physical therapy treatment to help the connection between diabetes and incontinence.

Author| Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT pelvic floor specialist Is there a connection between diabetes and incontinence? At Purple Mountain PT, we are pelvic floor physical therapists and we help people overcome stress urinary incontinence and any other bladder control problem. Today, we share various details about the connection between diabetes and incontinence. Your blood glucose […]

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What Can Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Help With?

Pelvic Physical Therapist providing manual therapy for low back pain to patient lying down in private treatment room

Authors| Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT What can pelvic floor physical therapy help with? Here at Purple Mountain Physical Therapy, we specialize in pelvic floor PT and often are asked what we actually help treat. Many people are familiar with pelvic floor PT to help stress incontinence that some women experience after giving birth, such as […]

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When Do I Need Pelvic Floor PT?

This blog image is a purple and green design with a tac posting a white box that says "When do I need Pelvic Floor PT?"

Author| Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic floor therapy When do I need pelvic floor PT? We have answers for you! Pelvic floor therapy, also called pelvic health physical therapy, is a specialty field within physical therapy that provides treatment for men and women (and kids, too!) to overcome all […]

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9 Tips That You Need Pelvic Floor Therapy

You need pelvic floor therapy

Author | Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT We’ve got you covered! In this article we will detail 9 common signs and symptoms that you need pelvic floor therapy. At Purple Mountain PT we specialize in providing pelvic health care for women, men and kids. And very often our patients tell us “I wish I knew about […]

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Why is My Child Bloated?

Picture of Physical Therapist Standing, Holding weight, near Purple Mountain PT sign with Pediatric Bladder & Bowel PT banner

Why is my child bloated? If you are looking for information and tips for how to fix bloating for your child, read on. At Purple Mountain Physical Therapy we specialize in bladder and bowel rehabilitation for children and adults. Our licensed physical therapist is specifically trained in pediatric bladder and bowel development and many times […]

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What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? Here at Purple Mountain PT we specialize in diagnosing and treating individuals who have pelvic floor dysfunction. The pelvic floor muscles influence the muscle function of your pelvis, hips, abdomen, thighs and low back. They also contribute to the ability to keep the bladder and bowel under control. When these […]

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Do I Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

You have found the leading pelvic health physical therapy clinic in Grand Rapids. We specialize in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. So many of our patients come to us and ask, “do I have pelvic floor dysfunction?” There are certain signs and symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction that we’ll detail here. We have an interview […]

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