We’re Hiring a Pelvic PT!

Pelvic PT at Purple Mountain PT is seated and holding a pelvic floor diagram. Across from her is a seated patient who is learning about the pelvic floor muscles. The words say "we are hiring a pelvic PT. Full Time or Part time. 1:1 Care. Mentorship. Clinical Excellence

We’re hiring a Part-Time or Full-Time Pelvic PT and couldn’t be more excited to anticipate the right person joining our team!

We are looking for the right person to join our team!  Could this be you?

You are passionate about treating pelvic health conditions.

You have pelvic health experience or have completed pelvic health continuing education.

You are experienced in orthopedics and treating low back, hip and neck conditions.

We offer you either a full-time or part-time position, Monday-Friday.

You love teaching and learning and are excited to receive mentorship and collaborate with our team to enhance your skills.

You are excited to work within a dedicated pelvic health, spine and TMJ clinic that is out of network and focused upon providing comprehensive, 1:1 excellent plans of care.

Would you be interested in having a conversation with us? Fill out this form so we can get a conversation started!

Our pelvic PTs value high quality, whole-person patient centered care.  We devote ourselves to this work and provide our patients manual therapy + therapeutic exercise + rehabilitative ultrasound + neuromuscular re-education + trauma informed care + applied biomechanics + postural correction + pain neuroscience education + up-to-date methods to help them feel great again.  Our pelvic, spine and TMJ specialty and entire clinic has been established to provide our patients wholisitic and results-oriented care.

Are you interested in being part of a team that mentors you and supports your ability to enhance lives for patients?

This is a unique opportunity to practice within a clinic devoted to pelvic health, spine and TMJ disorders.  You will practice one-on-one with your patients, in an out of network practice, which allows you to use your clinical decision making to determine what your patient needs, rather than giving the insurance company authority over what is allowed in treatment.  Our PTs participate in ongoing mentorship and clinical exchange of skills and updates in research.

We provide a positive and uplifting place to work and a pride for our profession that runs deep.  We believe in our chosen profession and in your ability to change the lives of our patients. We will help you succeed.

You will develop meaningful connections with patients during your appointments that are one-on-one and 55 minutes in length.   We offer you an oasis to expand your clinical skills and career satisfaction.   Have we piqued your interest?  If so, you can start a conversation with  us here!  

Purple Mountain PT is a clinic devoted to pelvic health, spine and TMJ PT.  This is what we do, all day, everyday.  As a result, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of PTs whose skills and knowledge are exceptional.  Our clinic is highly regarded in the community and our next PT is invited to join our mission.  Our cash-based, whole-person model  allows PTs who are passionate about serving patients with excellence, a setting to thrive.  You can apply here.

Position: Physical Therapist, Full-time or Part-time.

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What makes Purple Mountain PT a different place for a pelvic PT to thrive?

We know that PTs are often treating 12-20 patients a day or have 30-45 minute evaluations and often have to pass patients off to other staff members!  We recently spoke with one PT who had 19 patients on her daily schedule.  It’s ridiculous and not how we structure your day here.  If you want a change, fill out this form so we can get a conversation started!

  • In our clinic you treat your patient, one-on-one for one hour.
  • We never double or triple book patients, we never treat two patients simultaneously.
  • We combine advanced manual therapy treatments using our whole body approach.
  • We never leave our patient to do exercises by themselves.  They are here because they don’t know how to engage their body effectively, therefore our specialist eye is by their side teaching them.
  • We use rehabilitative ultrasound (and we can teach you!) to see their deep core, to measure their diastasis, to retrain their pelvic floor, multifidus and TA.
  • We never pass a patient off to a lesser trained staff member.
  • We meet regularly for mentorship.  Our PTs have been mentored on the latest in rehabilitative ultrasound, pelvic organ prolapse, endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain, detailed internal examination components, TMJ treatment techniques, spine treatment, clinical practice guidelines for PGP in postpartum care, interstitial cystitis, lichen sclerosus, advanced clinical pelvic floor examination methods, birth preparation techniques, reconstructive pelvic organ surgery and more.
  • You receive support for case management and always have colleagues to collaborate with, especially for challenging or stubborn cases. Does this sound good to you?

Working here you will have the time and ability to provide comprehensive whole body care!

If you’d like to begin the conversation with us, click here.  

Are you truly passionate about physical therapy and making a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to work within a team of devoted pelvic & TMJ PTs who will support you, in a setting established with your well-being in mind so you can grow your skills while treating patients with the highest quality care they have ever received?

Pelvic health experience is a must for this position.   TMJ experience is not required, provided you are experienced treating cervical spine conditions and willing to learn.  We will mentor you and teach you advanced methods to help all of our patients.

This is a unique opportunity for a physical therapist that is entirely different than all the franchise, outpatient ortho, private equity owned, physician owned or hospital-based clinics. 

We are PT clinician-owned and operated.  Everything we do points towards providing excellence for the patient, while supporting us PTs.   If you are interested in starting the conversation about this opportunity, click here.  

About Our Practice:

Purple Mountain Physical Therapy is a specialty pelvic health & TMJ clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Our founder has more than two decades experience working in our field, treating patients, running a practice, mentoring other PTs and creating a clinic where PTs can specialize and patients receive the highest service and excellence in care.  We are a cash based clinic, which means that you can truly provide the patients with what they need.  We provide patient-centered care, in a calm and uplifting environment.  The opportunity to join our team provides you the schedule and time to serve patients meaningfully.

If  you would like more information about this opportunity, Click here to take the first step to talk to us!  

About our Physical Therapists and Your Role:

We are hiring a full-time or part-time licensed Physical Therapist to work in our clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Our current team consists of experienced and devoted pelvic health, spine & TMJ PTs who have advanced training in our specialty and also a background in general orthopedics.  Our patient-centered practice focuses on delivering meaningful results for patients.  We use therapeutic rehabilitation principles that are customized to each patient’s needs and goals and can combine prevention, wellness, strength & conditioning, manual therapies, neural calming, whole body treatment, corrective exercises, pelvic floor rehabilitation, chronic pain recovery, rehabilitative ultrasound (we measure DRAs!  We teach deep core engagement with the ultrasound!), applied biomechanics, postural correction, pregnancy & postpartum care and more.  We serve adults and children who have pelvic, spine or TMJ conditions.  If this opportunity sounds intriguing, and it should, start the conversation here!

This is an opportunity to join a dedicated team of enthused and happy pelvic health, spine and TMJ PT providers within a cash based setting.  We love this work.  If you are interested in starting the conversation with us about this opportunity, this is your chance.  It’s worth a conversation to learn how this opportunity may improve your quality of life.  Click here to take the first step!

To Be Successful In This Position You Must:

  • Be licensed or eligible to obtain your Michigan Physical Therapy license
  • Be interested in learning advanced clinical practice methods from seasoned, successful PTs who will support you and help your patients truly get better.
  • Be passionate about serving patients with comprehensive physical therapy, within the specialties of pelvic health, spine care or TM disorders.
  • Be interested in serving patients in a cash based model.   We will help you succeed; you must be prepared to modify your approach.
  • Provide an exceptional experience for every patient.
  • Contribute to and participate in clinic initiatives that serve our community and speak to our mission.
  • Be organized and complete work in a timely manner.
  • Be upbeat, friendly and positive. You will feel this when you meet us and we expect you to be a positive addition to this environment.
  • Be open and dedicated to personal and professional growth. Mentoring and training is an important part of what this position provides.
  • Be interested in offering world class service and care. We will mentor you and have created a clinic where you can truly serve patients, you must be excited to offer excellence for every patient.
  • We don’t expect you to know everything about pelvic health and TMJ treatment; we are here to support you to succeed through our mentorship program, training in advanced treatment skills and troubleshooting about challenging patients!
  • Our PTs must be great team players and have an ability to change as our practice grows and evolves, so that we best meet the needs of our patients and community.
  • PTs, I believe in our profession and your ability to be amazing for your patients.  I’ll help you get there, through mentorship, giving you the time and practice setting to succeed.  If you are curious to talk more about this, reach out to us here.

Think you’re a good fit? If so, we’d love to talk to you.  You can click here to let us know about you and we will be in touch, to chat about your career goals and our position. We look forward to getting to know you!

Purple Mountain Physical Therapy, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, genetic information, veteran status, disability or other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.


Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT

Founder of Purple Mountain PT.  Clinician for more than 25 years and still loving clinical care, reading research all the time, attending conferences and teaching staff these important methods.  I’m PT proud and am on a mission to elevate the reputation of our profession, to provide world-class care to our patients and to support the next generation of PTs so you can thrive and prosper!  Let’s rise together, PTs, let’s help our community thrive!  We encourage you to check us out and follow us on Instagram @purplemountainpt  If we are of interest to you, we’d love to chat, fill out this form so we can get a conversation started!

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