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Painful sex treatment

Painful Sex Treatment is Very effective and Helpful!

At Purple Mountain Physical Therapy one common condition we treat is painful sex.  The medical diagnosis for this is dyspareunia.  There are many causes of painful sex and we evaluate you gently and thoroughly to determine what is going on with your pelvis and contributing to your pain. A proper and thorough evaluation is key to getting the right treatment.  We do not offer prescriptive or cookie-cutter treatment for painful sex!  Your treatment is customized to your evaluation findings!  Dyspareunia is quite common and there are very effective painful sex physical therapy treatments that can resolve your problem.  We understand that painful sex is a private matter and we take your trust in us very seriously.  We promise to provide you compassionte, effective painful sex treatment here in Grand Rapids and help you to achieve your goals.

How’s your sex life been during this time of Covid?

As I write this, we are in August, 2020 and here in West Michigan our county posted 28 new cases of coronavirus today. Doesn’t seem like that many, actually. But our state had 19,000 more confirmed coronavirus cases in the past 30 days and if you turn on the news it never sounds encouraging. Has this stuff stressed you out? Here in America we are about five months into the reality of living with coronavirus. When this all began, I heard whispers to expect a baby boom in 9 months. So, we shall see if that occurs starting in December, 2020 and going into early 2021. In reality, a newly published study coming out of Italy and looking at sexual function and quality of life of women living with a partner during Covid-19 reveals another grim reality: people were not connecting like normal during the Covid crisis.  If you’d like to read the entire study, here it is:

We didn’t have Covid, but we also didn’t have sex… This study, admittedly small, looked at 89 Italian women ranging in age from 28-50 years old, who live with a partner. These women, before Covid had already completed several questionnaires regarding sexual function and satisfaction, so 4 weeks after Covid restrictive measures were put into place they were asked to complete those same questionnaires again.

What the authors found was that the mean sexual intercourses/month decreased from roughly 6x/month to roughly 2x/month.

Oh boy, that’s not good! A closer look at validated questionnaires given to these women found a plummet in their satisfaction and arousal. In fact, all measures of their sexual function decreased including desire, lubrication and orgasm. Being stressed out can also tense up the pelvic floor muscles, causing pain.  If a person has tight pelvic floor muscles then the painful sex physical therapy treatment we provide in Grand Rapids is very effective.

We’re all stressed out! Analysis of psychological effects of living through this coronavirus crisis revealed that high rates of stress, depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction were prevalent. Even though the women in this study lived with their partner, the effects of these stressful times dampened their sex life. The emotional impact of living through this pandemic cannot be understated. It is more important than ever that each of us take good care of ourselves. What are your self-care habits? Have they fallen by the wayside during this pandemic? Do you normally see your friends and go to the gym? Do you normally attend church, volunteer, get massages? If all of the good self-care things you do have been cancelled, then what have you replaced them with?

You’re not alone! If you and your partner have fallen out of the habit of intimacy, consider reconnecting one moment at a time. Give yourself a break and realize that this worldwide pandemic has altered intimacy patterns, so you are not alone if it has been a while for you and your partner. Sometimes the best place to begin is simply with the basics. Holding hands, spending time with each other, creating opportunities for positive engagement and discussion all can lay a foundation to foster enhanced opportunities for connection and intimacy. Working on your mind, your thoughts and your anxiety and stress management are key aspects of preparing yourself for a return to intimacy.

Consider Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy if you are experiencing painful sex or other pelvic conditions that prevent you from participating in intimacy

If pelvic pain is holding you back from intimacy, consider pelvic health physical therapy. We specialize in providing compassionate, effective and private painful sex physical therapy treatment right here in Grand Rapids.  We treat women who have painful intercourse (dyspareunia), vulvodynia, pelvic floor dysfunction, genitourinary syndrome of menopause or other problems that contribute to your pain during intimacy.  We treat men who have penile pain, pelvic spasms after intercourse, testicular pain and other conditions related to sex.  We have heard from countless women and men whom we’ve helped get back to intimacy that they are forever grateful and they never knew that painful sex physical therapy treatment was even an option.

During these trying times, we must all remember to first take good care of ourselves, then we can be a partner and caregiver to others. If you would like to have a confidential call to learn more about our pelvic floor physical therapy program to help your pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, painful sex, incontinence or other pelvic condition contact us today!


Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT specializing in pelvic health, pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder, bowel and sexual health conditions for men and women


Schiavi MC, Spina V, Zullo MA, et al. Love in the Time of COVID-19: Sexual Function and Quality of Life Analysis During the Social Distancing Measures in a Group of Italian Reproductive-Age Women. J Sex Med 2020; 17:1407–1413.

Wang C, Pan R, Wan X et al. Immediate Psychological Responses and Associated Factors during the Initial Stage of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Epidemic among the General Population in China. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020; 17(5) 1729.

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