Pelvic Pain Treatment in Grand Rapids

pelvic pain treatment in Grand Rapids

Providing expert pelvic pain treatment to ease your pain! 

End your suffering and get relief!  You can feel more like yourself again.  Read on to learn some of the unique things that we provide for pelvic pain treatment in Grand Rapids.

Your appointments are comprehensive and treat both the external and internal areas that are contributing to your pelvic pain. 

To end your pelvic pain and suffering, you need comprehensive and proper care.  We treat both the internal and external drivers of your pain.  Our evaluation reveals what needs to be treated and at every appointment we work on all of these things.  We never run out of time. We never spend 15 minutes of an appointment simply talking to you.  Our talk happens while I am working on you, providing expert hands-on treatments.  We never say “today, due to the limited time we have together, we focused only on this, so next time we will have to work on that.”  Nope.  You get the full treatment you need at every appointment.  If your treatment is not comprehensive, you will not get the results you need.  That’s how pelvic pain works.  Effective pelvic pain PT must treat everything.

We have more than two-decades experience helping people just like you to resolve pelvic pain

Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPT has recently relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Her career experience for more than two decades was in Chicago, working with complex pelvic floor dysfunction, treating men and women.  Dr. O’Keefe worked closely with physicians leaders from Chicago’s major medical research centers.  Many of these physicians are nationally and internationally known in the pelvic health field and they want their patients to be treated by the best physical therapists.  When you come to Purple Mountain Physical therapy for your pelvic pain treatment in Grand Rapids, you are getting experienced, high quality, research based, effective care.  We are not guessing if we can help you.  We know!  And you will know, also.  You can tell when you are in good hands.

We give you hope, direction and confidence that you can recover

This is the most valuable thing we offer.  We know chronic pelvic pain decreases your spirit and zest for life.  We know it causes anxiety. We know you used to be happier. We know you used to believe you were healthy and now this problem makes you wonder.  We know your sex life has suffered and, because of that, your relationships might feel more disconnected.  We will clear away the fog and anxiety that chronic pelvic pain causes. We shine a bright light on your path forward so you can see a better future ahead.

We are members of numerous professional organizations devoted to pelvic pain, pelvic health, pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder conditions and sexual health

This might not sound like any big deal, but ask any other physical therapist if they belong to professional societies.  The truth is, belonging to these societies comes with a responsibility to read the latest research and to stay actively engaged with emerging science. All of this takes time.  And, it is costly to join societies.  It is very expensive to travel to annual conferences.  Dr. O’Keefe takes the knowledge gained from active professional societies and uses it to provide skilled physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain.  This is what sets Dr. O’Keefe apart and this is why you immediately feel there is a difference when you choose Purple Mountain PT for your pelvic pain PT.

We teach you exercises and movements to help reduce pain! 

You might feel like your pelvic pain is unpredictable and, therefore, you have reduced your activity levels because you don’t have the energy and you have found that your pain gets worse if you do too much.  Well, we will help you restore your movement ability.  In fact, movement is critical to getting better.  Like Goldilocks, in the children’s tale, the type and how much movement needs to be just right!  We help you figure out what that is.  One of the pain scientists that Dr. O’Keefe has studied and who has transformed pain rehabilitation is Lorimer Moseley.  Lorimer is an Australian and presented a local community talk about retraining your pain system with the idea of recovering.  This video is an excellent talk and speaks to many of the concepts we implement in our pelvic pain treatment program right here in Grand Rapids.

We have tips, tricks, exercises and suggestions that you’ve never heard! 

Put simply, we know how to help you get out of your suffering.  And we empower you to do this by giving you the tools to help yourself. If you think you have tried everything at home to help end your pelvic pain, we would have multiple other suggestions for you.  If you feel stuck and not certain about what you could do to feel better, we can help you get a customized plan for self-care for your pelvic pain.

If you are suffering with pelvic pain, contact us today to learn more about how you can experience pelvic pain relief in Grand Rapids. We promise to provide you a supportive and caring environment with excellent methods to resolve your pain!


Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, urinary, bowel and sexual health conditions, low back pain, SIJ dysfunction, neck pain.