Endometriosis Physical Therapy Treatment in Grand Rapids

Endometriosis PT Treatment

If you have endometriosis and want to reduce your pain naturally, we are here to help you. We offer expert, compassionate and proven endometriosis physical therapy treatment right here in Grand Rapids.

Endometriosis is Painful! And our physical therapy can help reduce your pain!

We understand that you are in pain.  What may have started years ago as a few days of month being in pain, now may be a daily pain problem.  It is likely you have been to numerous physicians.  You may have had multiple gold-standard excision surgeries.  You have been on birth control pills and now Orlissa.  We know the path you have been down. But, did you know that missing from this path is one of the most important and effective treatments for endometriosis pain?  This treatment is proper, expert pelvic health physical therapy. Even if you have been to physical therapy before, our endometriosis physical therapy treatment here in Grand Rapids is different from others.  It is more advanced, comprehensive and effective.  We have over 20 years experience working with endometriosis and chronic pelvis pain, therefore, we have techniques and knowledge not commonly found.

Endometriosis causes all sorts of musculoskeletal pain and we provide expert physical therapy treatment to get this to calm down.

You know that you have endometrial lesions and you know these hurt.  What you probably also know is that you have a lot of muscle spasms.  Your lower abdomen cramps, your back aches, your hips feel tight, sex hurts and feels tight, it can be hard to pee, you might constantly feel like you need to pee.  On top of this, you might have migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety.  You are an achiever and had high hopes for your career and life ahead. But now you are wondering if you will even be able to hold down a job.  We haven’t met you yet, but we already know a lot about you and when we meet in person you will feel the caring and compassionate expertise that we can offer you.  For over 20 years we have treated women just like you and we have helped them get pain levels down, for some women we’ve helped them get to no pain at all!  This is the most satisfying work we could ever have hoped to be privileged to be involved in.  We love working with you and seeing you step-be-step come back to life again.

Our Endometriosis Physical Therapy Treatment is Customized to you

We worked for more than 20 years in Chicago, working with top medical groups that serviced women and men in chronic pain, including top endometriosis providers.  We are proud to now off endometriosis physical therapy treatment in Grand Rapids that is effective, comprehensive, detailed and wholistic.  When we work with you, you can expect a detailed evaluation of your hips, low back, abdomen, legs and pelvic floor muscles.  We assess and treat all of your muscles, nerves, scars, joints and fascia.  One of the main things we aim to do is to reduce muscular trigger points and fascial restrictions while enhancing blood flow to these tissues.  We offer myofascial release, heartrate variability coherence biofeedback training, neural balancing, trigger point release, dry needling, neuromuscular re-education, scar tissue release and more.  Dr. O’Keefe is an active member of the International Pelvic Pain Society, a leading organization devoted to researching and treating chronic pelvic pain, including endometriosis. They have created a patient handout that details treatment options and you will see that physical therapy is a recommended treatment for endometriosis pain.


Our patients tell us that this endometriosis physical therapy gave them their life back!

Here is a testimonial from one patient who lives in another state and flew to see us for an intensive 6 hours of treatment in one week:

My week with Maureen was the most encouraging, beneficial and life-changing time I’ve spent since my PFD began. Along with being kind and understanding, she is also incredibly knowledgeable, and has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding the human body. Unlike the other physical therapists who’ve treated my PFD, Maureen uses her training and intuition to treat PFD with a whole body approach.

I returned home feeling the direct positive benefits of Maureen’s physical therapy; with a better understanding of PFD and my body; and most importantly, a belief that I don’t have to just manage my pain: I can recover. In order to do so, I also returned with a significant list of brand new tasks and tools that I have slowly but successfully incorporated into my life. Maureen’s confidence that my body and soul will continue to feel better has given me newfound strength and patience to practice my new regimen as I heal.

-Woman with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain

If you are interested in learning more about how endometriosis physical therapy treatment can help you, contact us today. We offer a free discovery call over the phone to answer your questions and determine if you are a good fit for our endometriosis recovery program.  We know you have already been to a ton of providers and we promise to offer you the best pelvic physical therapy treatment that is out there and that is unlike any other physical therapy you’ve ever received.


Dr. Maureen O’Keefe, DPE specializing in pelvic health, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, bladder, bowel and sexual health conditions.